About us

Rheanna LaRoche is a San Francisco architect and maker.  With an architect's eye and sensibility, Rheanna designs and handcrafts streamlined and elegant leather goods for both men and women.  Her concept is based on a principle of origami.  She often uses a single piece of leather to fashion her creations.  Rheanna founded Diamond L Leatherworks to serve as the homebased for her handcrafted collection.  The name Diamond L pays homage to Rheanna's Texas upbringing and her father's ranch.

Robyn Talman is a San Francisco maker.  Originally hailing from Virginia, Robyn has been sewing since childhood.  Her approach to fashion is influenced by minimalism and no-fuss comfort.  Creating fun, versatile, and timeless clothing that can be worn effortlessly by anyone of any size or gender is important to her.

Together this dynamic duo, and longtime friends, began their journey into designing and crafting the perfect denim overalls.  From this, Jumping-Jax Overalls for All was born! A primary design consideration was to keep waste to a minimum and to be as sustainable as possible.  The leather straps are fashioned out of remnants from Rheanna's Diamond L creations.  The fabrics are chosen for their natural comfort and durability in fun colors that are a joy to wear and easy to style.

"We have made it our mission to create a denim overall for anyone that desires comfort, style, and affordability.  These unisex overalls are perfect for any gender or age and are made with the care your clothing deserves.  We are so happy to see the immense amount of positive feedback from our communities."